ARRL Pacific Division

The Pacific Division

Division Map

ARRL's governance structure divides the United States into 15 Divisions. Each Division's Director and Vice Director represent their Division on ARRL policy matters. The Pacific Division is composed of Northern California and all of Nevada and Hawaii.

Kristen McIntyre, K6WX
Anthony Marcin, W7XM

ARRL Divisions are led by elected directors and vice-directors who serve three year terms. The Pacific Division director is Kristen McIntyre, K6WX and the vice-director is Anthony Marcin, W7XM. The ARRL website has more information on the ARRL Organization Structure. Visit the Leadership page for more information on our director and vice-director.

Section Map

ARRL Divisions are further divided into administrative Sections. Most sections consist of entire states, however, some states have more than one section. The Pacific Division includes seven Sections. Each Section is headed by an elected Section Manager.


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